PedScope - Pedigree & Genetic Diversity Analysis Software

PedScope was a software product for advanced population analysis, gene diversity measurement, inbreeding calculation and making recommendations for prospective matings.

This product has been retired. We no longer sell new licenses for PedScope or support extensions. Sorry!

Support & Downloads For Existing Customers

You can continue to obtain the download for your version of the product here.

If you are still in date for support you can continue to contact us for product support issues using the customer service helpdesk.

Breeders Assistant, Extended Edition

Some of the features of PedScope have been incorporated into the new Extended Edition of our separate Breeders Assistant pedigree software product.

This includes the bulk computation of inbreeding coefficients, pedigree completeness indices, and genome completeness for a breeding population; founder analysis (the computation of the contribution, alleles retained, and founder genome uniqueness of a breeding population, including the number of founder equivalents, the number of founder genome equivalents, and the number of effective ancestors); and can calculate/display relationship/kinship matrices and mean kinships for a breeding population.

Mate Selection Matrix With Inbreeding Minimization

It also includes powerful tools for prioritizing prospective matings for every possible sire/dam pairing within the actively breeding population, as an aid to making better breeding decisions.

E.g. the screenshot shows prospective matings displayed as a matrix with the sires along the top and the dams down the side. Each cell shows the ranking and, optionally, other computed values related to the mating. The cells can be color coded according to the ranking. In this case the pairings are ranked by inbreeding, with deeper colors representing higher inbreeding in the offspring.

Prospective matings can be ranked in 3 ways:

For full details including screenshots, videos, and trial software see the Tenset pedigree software website.