Source Data

PedScope works with data stored externally in text/CSV files. It will work with almost any compatible text file format so long as: (a) the data comprises one line per individual, with columns for different fields; and (b) the columns include, as a minimum, the individual name/ID, sire name/ID and dam name/ID. Subject to its system requirements it can work with data sets comprising many millions of records.

The import data format is straightforward. You may find these examples of real data showing supported input layouts helpful.

The data can optionally include:

  • Gender (male/female)
  • Date/year of birth
  • Date/year of death
  • Living 'status' - flag to indicate animals still alive
  • Any other columns specific to your data. If these are numeric then PedScope can be configured to produce stats on these values aswell as internally computed values. E.g. if your data has sample measurements such weight, height, etc. then these can be included in stats analyses, correlation charts, etc.

NOTE: PedScope does not provide any means to interactively enter data, e.g. to update a pedigree database. The data must be supplied externally in a file.

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