Saving Data

PedScope provides several options for saving and exporting data and reports.

Saving As A PedScope Data File

You can save the entire state of a displayed pedigree data set, along with all the current Document Settings and computed data (inbreeding coefficients etc.) in a single file that can be easily reopened later. Opening such a saved data file is usually much quicker than reloading the original import file.

To save the data in this format, choose File|Save (or File|Save As).

To subsequently reload such a data file, choose File|Open, change the file type to 'PedScope data files', then locate the saved file.


You can export individual reports, data tables etc. in a variety of file formats. To do this you just click the Export or Save button which can be found near the bottom of most the main window panes:

  • Data tables and matrices - PDF, text/CSV, XML (for direct import into spreadsheets such as Excel), HTML and Open Document Format (.odt).
  • Graphs and Pedigree charts - PDF, JPEG, PNG, Scaled Vector Graphics (.svg, for websites), and other bitmap image formats.

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