You can print the main record table, and most reports, by clicking the Print button (beneath the table/report).

Saving As PDF/Image Files

Instead of printing to a physical printer, you can also 'print' to a PDF or image file - by exporting to a PDF file.

Pedigree Margins

When printing the pedigree report, PedScope sets default paper margins depending on your printer and its setup.

In most cases, this should produce a sensible and consistent margin on all sides of the paper.

But if not, you can change this - click the margins button ().

Understanding Printer Margins

This section contains a more detailed explanation of how PedScope sets paper margins, and how margin settings work with your printer and chosen paper size.

Most printer devices have physical limitations on their printing capabilities. Obviously the supported paper sizes vary. But in addition, most printers are not physically capable of printing on the entire sheet of paper: there are usually parts of the sheet that the printer simply cannot physically print on. You can instruct PedScope to attempt to print onto that maximum part of the paper by selecting the Full page option within the Print Margins window.

Your computer will also have a default margin setting for the chosen printer. This should be a sensible default; its actual size is system specific. You can instruct PedScope to use the default margins by selecting the Use printer default margins option within the Print Margins window. This is the normal setting and an in ideal world will produce a good result without you having to change anything.

But you can opt to override the default margin selection by disabling both the Full page and Use printer default margins options in the Print Margins window, and then entering the actual margins you would like. Measurements can be entered in a variety of units including centimeters (e.g. you could enter 1.2cm) and inches (e.g. 0.25in). Note that setting margins smaller than the physical minimum margins that your printer is capable of generally will not produce acceptable results - you will end up with parts of the printout 'chopped' off. You may find you need to experiment with different sized margins until you get a pleasing result.

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