Memory Usage

PedScope loads and manipulates your source data in main memory. With large data sets it can use a considerable amount of memory and it is important you are aware of this.

The following are guidelines. The actual amount of memory needed will also depend on your actual data set - the lengths of names, the number of additional fields and so on - and your usage of the software. For example, use of date-period stats reporting with all of the computed fields enabled will cause the program to use more memory.

Data Set Size (#Records) Min. Recommended Memory
100,000 2Gb
500,000 4Gb
1,000,000 8Gb
4,000,000 16Gb

These numbers refer to main memory (RAM). In terms of disk space, the program uses around 20-30Mb.

NOTE: Certain reports can require a great deal more memory than the above guidelines. E.g. if you were to try to compute a relationship matrix for a data set with 500,000 records you would find in practice that you almost certainly could not do it, because a square matrix of coefficients with 500,000 elements per row & column would occupy, in theory, in excess of 1,900Gb RAM. In practice any report that requires memory proportional to the square of the number of animals being considered - such as a relationship matrix - will quickly run out memory when you attempt to go much further than a few thousand animals.

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