PedScope Overview

The PedScope main window
The PedScope main window

PedScope performs detailed analysis of pedigree data sets in order to compute various measures of gene diversity, founder representation and associated information. It can be used to rapidly calculate inbreeding coefficients for large populations, and to produce mate selection recommendations based on a variety of parameters.

PedScope is a high performance, multithreaded, native application, for both Windows and Mac platforms. It takes full advantage of todays powerful multi-core architectures to carry out extensive background computations whilst retaining a responsive user interface.

PedScope imports pedigree data from text/CSV files. It is flexible about the precise format of the import data so long as it contains the key information i.e. the identity of the parents of each individual and, ideally, the sex and date of birth.

Once a data file has been loaded the main window is displayed. Many pedigree metrics are immediately computed and displayed in the columns of the main table, and to the right of these you can display a wide variety of reports.

For more information use the links on the left of this page. For even more detailed information please see the online User Guide (or download the PDF).

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