Import Examples

PedScope accepts pedigree data in various formats. For details on how to import data, and how to specify the input format, see Importing Data.

Shown below are various examples of different input data formats, all of which are acceptable. This is by no means exhaustive - the import window can cope with many different formats. For ease of display the examples shown here use comma separated text (CSV) but you could just as easily use TAB separated or other separator character.

Example 1: Very simple structure with a column for the gender and columns for the name, sire name and dam name.

M,Comet,Favorite,Young Phoenix
M,Bolingbroke,Foljambe,Young Strawberry
M,Foljambe,R. Barkers Bull,Haughton
F,Young Strawberry,Dalton Duke,Favorite cow
F,Phoenix,Foljambe,Favorite cow
F,Favorite cow,Alcocks Bull,
F,Young Phoenix,Favorite,Phoenix

Example 2: In this case the animal is given by both a name and an id number, and the sire/dam linkage is through the id number.

Arripay Blue Surprise,2,29,1,
Arripay Breaks Everything,26,22,2,
Arripay Brown Beauty,19,5,3,
Arripay Brown Boy,,,4,
Arripay Candy Girl,,,5,
Arripay Champagne Charlie,16,22,6,
Arripay Chocaholic,6,29,7,
Arripay Choccy Chips,,,8,
Arripay Dark Crystal,12,17,9,
Arripay Dark Magician,4,25,10,

Example 3: Similar to the above but this time with a column for date of birth. To control the format of dates (e.g. DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY etc) you can select from many supported date formats after the import window has been displayed.

Abbots Wisdom,M,30/03/1930,Diver Of Woolley,Sewardstone Tess
Abbotsford Rosa of Tasvane,F,30/04/1986,Tasvane Taraius,Rachenco Sunshine
Alexander of Elsiville,M,15/05/1944,Torrdale Tinker,Zena Of Elsiville
Alexia of Tillwood Rachenco,F,30/04/1973,Spartan of Rachenco,Wayfarer of Tillwood
Alresford Advertiser,M,15/04/1951,Alexander of Elsiville,Alresford Mall

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